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  Summer is here and finally we’re getting a chance to wear lighter jackets, sneakers and so on. Denim shirts are still all the rage this year, and well you can’t go wrong a with a faux-leather jacket

(Woodway of course doesn’t support real leather, fur…)


But have you ever thought how cool it would be to match your it pieces fort he spring with some wooden or cork accessories? Well, we’ll show you how great it can get!


Denim shirts are perfect to go with shorter Artelusa necklaces. You can easily wear it under your collar, and the beautiful details will give a great spin on your shirt.


Wooden phone case is always a good idea!


This pair of Proof glasses are a combination of metal, acetate and wood. The silver shade of metal goes great with metal details of the necklace and wood brings the whole outfit closer to nature.

Model: Karmen Cvetko

Živa P.

Živa P. is a young English graduate, lover of great food, travelling and everything beautiful. She’s the author of the foodie website Butter & Stuff, where she shares her cooking masterpieces. She will share her delicious recipes along with mouth-watering photos, as well as life-style ideas and some of her travelling stories.

ARCHITECTURAL WONDERS – Chanel is for Nature too!

Nature is the inspiration also for the biggest players in the fashion world, and even the biggest fashion houses cannot resist the charm and warmth of nature. At the last Couture Fashion Show in Paris Chanel was the one who offered another special treat besides their marvelous creations.


Karl Lagerfeld surely never disappoints with his inspired and unique ideas, so he made their set not a typical runway but a minimalistic three storage wooden house placed in a very Zen environment. The house somehow reminded of a doll house and the runway was made of wood as well. At the end of the show, Chanel kept the house, whereas the rest of pieces of oak, pines and grass from the garden were recycled and used for compost.


Chanel proved they do not only care for their creations but for the environment and our planet as well.

We’re definitely sorry we missed this event as it must have been a real treat!


Tadeja V. is a young journalist, lover of art, all the unusual things and good wine. She likes to explore the new and unusual things in life. She is inspired by nature, for which she says it is the best drug as well as medicine. She will write about different beauties of nature and explore her endless potential.



Do you pay attention to what you put in your body and on your skin? Do you ever check the ingredients cosmetics products you use are made of? I started to pay serious attention to it all when adopting a vegan lifestyle. Did you know than in just a few seconds after application your skin sucks in everything we expose it to? So it is pretty much the same as if you’d have eaten this. And yeah, imagining eating my shower gel, toothpaste or an intensely scented deodorant is not too appealing to me. On average, each person is believed to come in contact with around 100 chemicals each morning even if the ingredients stated are supposed to be natural. Make up and body care products are associated with allergic reactions, liver poisoning, neurological and digestive problems, immune problems, ruining hormonal balance, cardiovascular illness, cancer, muscle degeneration and ruining proper embryo development. Petroleum and other oil derivatives and chemicals are supposed to be some of the main culprits for it. After learning all that I started looking for natural, biologically certified, organic, ecological cosmetics that are not tested on animals. I realized there is actually really a lot of brands offering them and more and more people deciding to use them. And another thing I realized was that I can actually make some products at home and they can be just as functional as store bought ones. This way I can really be sure about all the ingredients in them, about their production process and also save a lot☺

So today I decided to share with you my »recipe« for natural deodorant. It is really easy and you only need 2-3 ingredients for it.

10 tsp cold pressed, organic, coconut oil
6 tsp sodium bicarbonate (if your skin is sensitive to it you can use cornstarch instead)
Based on what you like, you can also add a few drops of essential oil of your choice, but even without it, coconut scented, it is pretty amazing

1.    Heat the oil on low heat until it melts, take off the heat and add sodium or starch and the essential oil if you’re using it.
2.    Mix well, pour in an empty cup and leave to cool off on room temperature. And that is it! It is that simple!


Do you have any great natural deodorant recipes to share with us? Or have you maybe tried mine? I’d love to know your experience!

Wish you a fresh day,


Špela U. is a lover of nature and animals. She works as a photographer (Spela Urbanc Photography) and healthy food advisor. She is a proud vegan and likes to spend her free time studying and practicing the power of thoughts. She will share useful advice on self-respect, joy of living and the ways of how you can feel better in your own skin.


Ste tudi vi mnenja, da čas našega rojstva pomembno vpliva na naš značaj in vedenje? V to so bili prepričani tudi Kelti, ki so bili duhovno široko razgledano ljudstvo. Verjeli so, da otrok, ki je rojen v določenem obdobju, skladno z njim razvije določene lastnosti in vedenjske vzorce. Iz tega razloga so ustvarili keltski koledar, ki je tesno povezan z drevesi.


Keltska astrologija sega nazaj v leto 1000 pr.n.št. in temelji na treh prepričanjih: spominjati se moramo naših prednikov in preteklosti, vedno znova moramo raziskovati povezavo med vsakdanjikom in duhovnostjo ter delovati skupaj z naravo in ne proti njej. Slednje nam v današnjih časih ne uspeva ravno najbolje…

Keltski astrološki koledar se ravna po lunarnih mesecih in vsebuje 13 astroloških znakov. Med raziskovanjem sem ugotovila, da je moje duhovno drevo leska. Če ste rojeni v obdobju med 5. avgustom in 1. septembrom je tudi vaše in imate srečo, saj spodaj dodajam kratek opis osebe, ki se skriva za tem drevesom. Vsi ostali pa boste morali svoje drevo poiskati sami. Za lažjo orientacijo vam dodajam mini koledarček: