Drveni modni dodaci osvajaju Hollywood!

Ovo su Hollywoodske ličnosti koje imaju produkte iz naše ponude!


Paris Hilton i drveni sat Kappa Beige. Pronađi ga OVDJE


Jedan najseksipilnijih muškarca Jesse Williams ima Alphu Beige. Pronađi je ovdje OVDJE

attends the 2010 American Music Awards official AMA Gift Lounge on November 21, 2010 in Los Angeles, United States.

Članovi grupe The Black Eyed Pease izabrali su drvene satove iz Jupiter kolekcije. Pogledaj Jupiter kolekcijuOVDJE


Bivši profesionalni košarkaš koji je igrao za LA LAKERSE ima drveni sat Thema Black.  Pronađi gaOVDJE


Beyonce i drvene naočale brenda Proof. Nađeš ihOVDJE

Taking a stroll around the city…

  Summer is here and finally we’re getting a chance to wear lighter jackets, sneakers and so on. Denim shirts are still all the rage this year, and well you can’t go wrong a with a faux-leather jacket

(Woodway of course doesn’t support real leather, fur…)


But have you ever thought how cool it would be to match your it pieces fort he spring with some wooden or cork accessories? Well, we’ll show you how great it can get!


Denim shirts are perfect to go with shorter Artelusa necklaces. You can easily wear it under your collar, and the beautiful details will give a great spin on your shirt.


Wooden phone case is always a good idea!


This pair of Proof glasses are a combination of metal, acetate and wood. The silver shade of metal goes great with metal details of the necklace and wood brings the whole outfit closer to nature.

Model: Karmen Cvetko

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