WoodWay in Paris


Photo: Slovenia Design

From 2. – 6. September WoodWay was starting its break-through to the French market by participating in the biggest of all the French fairs and also one of the grandest and most prominent interior design fairs in the whole Europe – Maison & Object in Paris. We are honored to have share grounds with a few of the most successful Slovene companies: Kraljič joinery, Bolčič, companies Donar, Lutman Design Studio, Gonzago and designer Almira Sadar.

njaWe presented only the products from under the hands of Slovene craftsmen and have showed the refined taste of our designers to the world. Judging by the very positive response of the visitors, we have surely left a positive mark and successfully promoted the Slovene know-how.

Some of the products we presented were also the wooden bowties from our latest collection, unique wooden ties and our limited edition premium sunglasses.

14202688_1671827163143619_4158146771108814057_nMaison&Objet is a fair offering unique experience and definitely makes the unexpected come true. We’re leaving Paris with extremely positive feelings, brand new experience and ideas.

We would like to thank the Spirit agency and the Slovene Chamber of Commerce, who saw a talent and potential in what we do and gave us an opportunity to showcase our work internationally, as a part of the Slovenia Design team.

Anja Marić,


ARCHITECTURAL WONDERS – Chanel is for Nature too!

Nature is the inspiration also for the biggest players in the fashion world, and even the biggest fashion houses cannot resist the charm and warmth of nature. At the last Couture Fashion Show in Paris Chanel was the one who offered another special treat besides their marvelous creations.


Karl Lagerfeld surely never disappoints with his inspired and unique ideas, so he made their set not a typical runway but a minimalistic three storage wooden house placed in a very Zen environment. The house somehow reminded of a doll house and the runway was made of wood as well. At the end of the show, Chanel kept the house, whereas the rest of pieces of oak, pines and grass from the garden were recycled and used for compost.


Chanel proved they do not only care for their creations but for the environment and our planet as well.

We’re definitely sorry we missed this event as it must have been a real treat!


Tadeja V. is a young journalist, lover of art, all the unusual things and good wine. She likes to explore the new and unusual things in life. She is inspired by nature, for which she says it is the best drug as well as medicine. She will write about different beauties of nature and explore her endless potential.