Do you pay attention to what you put in your body and on your skin? Do you ever check the ingredients cosmetics products you use are made of? I started to pay serious attention to it all when adopting a vegan lifestyle. Did you know than in just a few seconds after application your skin sucks in everything we expose it to? So it is pretty much the same as if you’d have eaten this. And yeah, imagining eating my shower gel, toothpaste or an intensely scented deodorant is not too appealing to me. On average, each person is believed to come in contact with around 100 chemicals each morning even if the ingredients stated are supposed to be natural. Make up and body care products are associated with allergic reactions, liver poisoning, neurological and digestive problems, immune problems, ruining hormonal balance, cardiovascular illness, cancer, muscle degeneration and ruining proper embryo development. Petroleum and other oil derivatives and chemicals are supposed to be some of the main culprits for it. After learning all that I started looking for natural, biologically certified, organic, ecological cosmetics that are not tested on animals. I realized there is actually really a lot of brands offering them and more and more people deciding to use them. And another thing I realized was that I can actually make some products at home and they can be just as functional as store bought ones. This way I can really be sure about all the ingredients in them, about their production process and also save a lot☺

So today I decided to share with you my »recipe« for natural deodorant. It is really easy and you only need 2-3 ingredients for it.

10 tsp cold pressed, organic, coconut oil
6 tsp sodium bicarbonate (if your skin is sensitive to it you can use cornstarch instead)
Based on what you like, you can also add a few drops of essential oil of your choice, but even without it, coconut scented, it is pretty amazing

1.    Heat the oil on low heat until it melts, take off the heat and add sodium or starch and the essential oil if you’re using it.
2.    Mix well, pour in an empty cup and leave to cool off on room temperature. And that is it! It is that simple!


Do you have any great natural deodorant recipes to share with us? Or have you maybe tried mine? I’d love to know your experience!

Wish you a fresh day,


Špela U. is a lover of nature and animals. She works as a photographer (Spela Urbanc Photography) and healthy food advisor. She is a proud vegan and likes to spend her free time studying and practicing the power of thoughts. She will share useful advice on self-respect, joy of living and the ways of how you can feel better in your own skin.